Artist Statement


The space between two lines, the pause between two notes, the place where reality touches illusion, this is the place where I paint, sculpt, seek to become an artist.

My artistic work encompasses the many insights and themes created by my life - many doors leading to "otherness" - places, thoughts, perspectives, awareness, times, opportunities, losses, lives, meanings. My early interest in architecture and sculpture complemented and informed my artistic development in later years. My affinity for multi-dimensional spaces coupled with my inability to be confined to a two dimensional surface lead me to embrace - quite literally - thinking more inside rather than outside the box!

In all aspects of life, I have been intrigued by what lies beneath the surface. Often the initial perception does not tell the whole story so in many of my paintings I quite literally explore this relationship of the surface to the interior both literally and metaphorically.Many of my paintings engage the viewer in an interactive experience by physically making the viewers open a door or approach and peer inside something. I am challenging them to look deeper and engage in meaningful dialogue with their own experiences. I wish to create a dynamic through curiosity, making the visual experience encompass even more of the senses and neurons by inviting an active participation on the part of the viewer.

Each year I explore something new through either technique or subject matter. Recently, exploring a technique of the old masters, I have been using the layering of glazes whick allows me to create a deep three dimensional looking surface.

My sculptures step off the canvas into their own space. They are mixed media incorporating wood, clay, metal and many animal parts i.e. horns, antlers, etc. They express the tactile nature of my work and the esthetic quality of natural materials.


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